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Why Ascendis?

Ascendis Business Solutions Pty Ltd provides a range of financial management and business process solutions to assist businesses to maximise their performance and profitability.

Business owners and managers work with us when they want to truly understand the financial aspect of their business, what the real current position is and where things may be heading. They are interested in growth and operating as effectively and efficiently as possible, with vision to move their business to the next stage.

Others draw on our particular expertise in process management and developing computer and database solutions to streamline their operating processes and improve business performance. We also ensure an adequate communications and infrastructure is in place to support business solutions.

Our clients use our knowledge, skills and experience to refine their business operation, drawing on specific assistance as required for clear and informed decision making and greater focus on key business building priorities.

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Brisbane Success - Vuly & Joe Andon

Joe Andon, of Vuly Trampolines, has a very successful Brisbane-based business, manufacturing and selling trampolines across the globe. He raised some great points in a recent talk he gave.


The Value of Internal Audit

In commenting on the value that internal audit can provide to your organisation, it's probably worthwhile also explaining some of the major differences between external audit and internal audit.