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MBA level qualifications supported by decades of management accountancy experience, your business will benefit from seizing control of the financial management and being supported with a CFO when you need it.

Your administration and accounts team will have the leadership and support to guide them in becoming more effective, ensure time is spent on creating value through fast quality financial information. Optimised systems reduces wasted time and our CFO involvement provides you capability in knowing you have full financial control in all aspects of your business.

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Business and its management often and for many reasons find gaps that need to be filled. Lack of resources or resources not properly utilised may also need addressing.

Our decades of management experience, supported through qualifications, gives you support across all aspects of your business. Whether it is to fill an interim executive management role or to help with different perspectives and insights into your business.

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Things aren't running smoothly? Bottlenecks, errors or mundane routine activities being performed over and over? These are strong indications your systems are in need of improvement and you can run more efficiently and profitably.

From an executive management perspective we take a field of view approach, looking over the entire playing field before engaging with your players on the ground. From there we gather a deep insight into the workings and issues to provide you with effective solutions and direction.

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Technology & Innovation


We take lean, fast and agile to an ultra level. A team with decades of management, innovation and solution development experience focusing on problems and outcomes gives you an experience you've not previously had.

This really gets the Ascendis team excited as we all come together to take our management, entrepreneurial and technology experience and insight to review your situation and create a high-end cost-effective solution you won't see elsewhere. It's an opportunity for us to provide our clients with a sustainable competitive advantage like no other!

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