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9 June 2019
Make Your Financial Management Move Now

Make Your Financial Management Move Now

It’s that time of year again in Australia, the end of the financial year. This is the easiest time to make changes, particularly to the aspects […]
17 March 2019

Systems and Strategy Before Sales

When a business needs to perform better only too often do management turn to sales without looking at what is truly beneficial and right for the […]
8 March 2019

6 Steps to Overcome Your Business Headaches

Every business has its challenges to overcome, from the smallest sole operator to the largest corporation. Challenges will always continue to appear as we live in […]
30 January 2019

Is Flexible Productivity the Most Effective Productivity?

A couple of mornings ago I was up about 2.30am, wide awake and wanting to go for a run. I thought it was too early although […]
13 December 2018

5 Real Risks of Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket

There are many ways business don’t address risk. You may have increased risk in several ways with having all your eggs in one basket. Five areas […]
12 December 2018

Why You Should Understand Your Break-Even Analysis

In business we always come across terms such as ‘break-even’. For most of us, we just want to get on and do what we’re good at […]
4 December 2018

12 Things to Remember When Facing Cash Flow Problems

There are several areas to consider when you’re facing a cash flow problem. Each on their own might not provide the solution but together you might […]
3 December 2018

Free Expert Advisory Panel Session

As a consultancy group that specialises in senior and executive management support, Ascendis consists of independent experts coming from different backgrounds and bringing different skills and […]
30 November 2018

Why is Strategy Important?

There is so much depth to strategy but I really just want to give you reason to consider strategy if you haven’t already. Not to go […]
23 November 2018

Holiday Time? Time to Get Busy.

If you’re finding this is the start of a quieter time, people aren’t buying and decision making waiting until after the holiday period, this is the […]
21 November 2018

6 Reasons Your Financial Reports Aren’t Accurate

When a good bookkeeper is used, all transactions are correctly recorded and reconciled as they happen, but does this mean your reports are accurate?  In most […]
19 November 2018

Value in a Chief Financial Officer

After returning to South East Queensland in 2011 the first thing that I noticed about business that surprised me was the lack of real interest in […]
14 November 2018

Coaching – The Business and Personal Relationship

Both stresses and issues in one’s personal or business life impacts on the other. Many business coaches look at just the business matters, business goals and […]
20 September 2018

The Value of Internal Audit

An independent, objective and systematic review of your organisation’s activities designed to provide assurance to your own management that the system of internal controls implemented is […]
30 June 2018

New Financial Year Resolutions

Each year we all hear about New Year Resolutions, and often feel pressure to list some resolutions usually in areas of health and fitness. Like for our […]
29 June 2018

I have a budget, so what now?

You’ve made the right move and made the effort of putting a budget in place for the year ahead, but what do you do with that […]
27 June 2018

Budgets – Simple or Complicated?

Most people owning or managing businesses don’t have financial backgrounds so the thought of a budget process is quite daunting. As a CFO I know what […]
20 June 2018

Budgets – When, How and Why?

I’m sure you’ve heard of budgeting but if you operate a small to medium sized business in Australia, chances are you have never gone through the […]